Sunday, February 24, 2008

Taking up space.

Really I'm just posting a blog, because I'm getting irritated seeing the last one over and over again. Not much to report.

I'm settling in for (BOO!) two weeks by myself, as D. left today to work on the mainland for two weeks.

We had a flurry of socializing this week which was great. We had some frineds over on Thursday to visit and watch some arrested development (always fun!), Friday we used a gift card and went out for dinner at the Keg with a couple from Church, and last night we had friends visiting from up-island. We had good food and a rockin' few games of croquenot. Loved it!

I really really should be studying...I have test tomorrow and another on Tuesday and a busy week...but I'm feeling lazy and blah and having a hard time extricating myself from watching the Oscars...even though I don't think I've seen one of the nominated movies!

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Simply Victoria said...

I hear you about school laziness.
it's especially excruciating when the weather gets so nice.