Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Where are all the sweaters!?!?

I had a serious sweater craving yesterday. I only have 1 or 2 sweaters I can wear for work etc (i.e. that aren't 'junk' sweaters I've had since I was 13). So I decided to go sweater shopping. I trapsed the mall for about 2 hours, going from store to store trying to find a really good comfy, nice looking sweater. Nothing!! After two hours!! There were no good sweaters anywhere. The only ones I found were either too fitted, to think or the wrong cut. I just wanted a comfy, thick, sweater that looked nice. No luck. And you know what it feels like when you shop for 2 hours and come out with nothing!

Oh well. Sweater shopping again another day.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Good times...good times

I worked on the mainland on Friday. These are usually very long days - I take the 7am ferry which means waking up at 4:30am, and often take the 9pm ferry home, which means getting home at 11:30 ish. This Friday was the second weekend in a row going over, and I really didn't want to do the one-day turn around and take the 9pm ferry back the same night. So, I stayed at M's place and we had an excellent night off. The plan was a) for me to get my flash drive back that I had left at her place, b) drop off a book she needed to borrow and c) go to ikea the next day. Did we do any of these things? No. We went out for a long yummy dinner, in which our waiter got slightly irritated with us when he returned to our table for the 6th time and we still were talking and hadn't decided what we wanted to drink.

M. then became appalled when I told her I hadn't seen the movie "anchorman" (she actually stopped the car and stared at me in disgust). So, we watched it when we got back to her place, then stayed up way to late talking. By the time I went to bed, I'd been up for almost 24hours! Needless to say, we did not go to Ikea the next morning!

(as an aside, the Seinfeld finale episode where Kramer is jumping up and down trying to get water out of his ear and ends up falling into the cockpit of the plane the whole gang is on, and the plane is plummeting to earth....and George admits to cheating in "The Contest" is on, and it's hysterical).

Monday, October 15, 2007

Celebration time....

Well, I've finished my pile of marking, most of my work for my clients is caught up and I just wrote my two most recent exams for my coursework. That means....ahem....I am *mostly* caught up. We celebrated (okay, I told D. we were celebrating) by having ginger baked salmon, with roasted potatoes and zucchini sauteed in lemon juice, salt and pepper and butter (well, light becel...not quite as exciting ;-). D. was wonderful and made the dinner while I finished off the last few exams.

I took today off of work to focus on studying for the exams I had today and write them, as well as finish my marking. I think it was a good decision. I needed the time to study as I bombed the last tests, and it feels very good to get these exams marked. Since I'm out of town for work on Friday again, this does mean that I have to fit all my "in-town" work (20+ hours) into the next three days...but I think it was worth it. Ask me again on Friday ;-).

Well...to bed. Tomorrow lots of work, and hopefully a visit to Curves...and a bit of cleaning later on if there's time. We'll see :-). At least there's left over salmon and potatoes for dinner tomorrow, and more fresh veggies to cook up.

Peachy Keen

I just have to share my happiness. All due to peaches.

I have this "smoothie maker." It's a kind of extra-fancy blender - the great thing about it is it's the first "blender" I've had that actually does ice and frozen goods well.

So, I also have all these frozen peaches now. This morning, while studying I decided I would make a smoothie, because I also have some fat free plain yogurt and am trying to get back on track with my eating habits :-).

So, I made a smoothie with peaches, the yogurt, about a 1/3 or 1/2 cup of orange juice and some maple syrup drizzled in. I opened the blender and scooped out a bit to taste and it is SO GOOD! So smooth and yummy and better than any smoothie I've ever made at home. Thank goodness for those Osoyoos peaches!

I'm also snacking on wasabi ranch potato crisps from Safeway's new "eating right" line. I loathe that store, but found these and they are very light, low fat, high fiber and fulfill that salty snack craving well.

Have to keep studying, need to run to write tests soon and once again am not ready!