Sunday, April 30, 2006

Jumping on the Bandwagon

Well, here I go...I have finally leaped on board with blogging. I have to admit, I read other's blogs frequently, and I do really appreciate being able to keep up with friends' lives via their blogs...So after much procrastination I've finally done it.

It is more a function of the fact that I am super sick with a cold right now and needed something to occupy me while sitting at home feeling sorry for myself. Not only that, but this is a great venue in which to make a play for sympathy ;-)

So -why applescentedfun? Well, seriously - everyone I know has great blog names...there was so much pressure! I spend 30 minutes trying to pick a title! I finally gave up and just wanted to post. So apple is my favorite scent for cleaning products...and incedently one of my favorite flavors for martinis. So that's the story of how I named my blog.

Well...I should try to go and do something semi-productive with this "down" time. This week is the calm before the storm. I'm TAing for a 3 week course at UVic starting May 8th...the problem is I"ll be gone for the last 1.5 weeks of the course! So I have to do insane amounts of marking both before I go and after I get back - maddness!