Saturday, June 27, 2009

Just thinking...

I feel like we are finally settling in to being back in the lower mainland. One of the most wonderful things about being here is having friends and family close by - and getting to reaquaint oursleves with everyone we haven't been able to see frequently for a while.

Having a place to entertain at, and having a social life again is a huge huge thing for me. I didn't realize how much I missed that when I was on the island. Now, there are so many people to get together with that it's hard to fit it all in!!

Last weekend I entertained a larger group for the first time in our new home. I have a group of close girlfriends I went to highschool with and have been close with for, well, probably close to 15 years now. Two of us have birthdays 2 days apart in June, and when we were younger we frequently had a joint birthday party. One of our out-of-town friends from this group was in town during our birthdays, so I decided to throw a joint birthday party for R. and I. So, all the girls and their significant others/kids, along with my brother and his wife came over for appetizers and drinks.

I just have to say, I LOVE entertaining. Love. And, in this kitchen, with space to move and prepare things, I do NOT get stressed out! It was awsume! At one point, my husband came into the kitchen while I was prepping. I stood there, holding my menu plan, and my to do list and rattling off to him what was next one the list of things to be done, the modifications I'd made to the menu and what we needed to run out and get (while music was blasting in the background). He looked at me and laughed. I found this slightly irritating, but had a feeling it was good-natured. "What!?" I said. He looked at me with that husbandly I-love-you-but-sometimes-can't-believe-you look on his face, grinned and said "It just kinda looks like you are really in your element right now." Okay, I couldn't be irritated. I laughed and said "I kinda am."

Now, just for the record - this doesn't mean I am *good* at it. It means I like doing it. I don't want to set anyone up to be dissappointed if they come over :). Unfortunately, it also means I usually go a bit overboard with the menu and quantity of food and drink (better too much than too little!). But that's okay :)

Another one of my favorite things about being back is being able to have impromptu visits with family, without planning. Like when my brother and his son stopped by for the afternoon, we watched Wall-E, ate leftovers for dinner and played outside. Like how Daryl can go to games night at his sister and brother-in-laws anytime now.

So, though I've been feeling really frustrated and stressed out about work and my thesis lately, I am really happy to be here, and do feel really lucky to have all the friends and family I have.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Good Things

  • good coffee. my bialatti coffee maker. My two favorites: esspresso and soy milk on ice with SB juicy raspberry syrup and soy vanilla americano misto
  • whole wheat waffles in the freezer
  • menus planned for a week. resulting in yummy taboleh in the fridge for lunch
  • prospect winery cabernet-merlot (in my glass)
  • a fridge that dispenses ice and filtered water
  • new shoes
  • fresh clean sheets on the bed
  • parents visiting this weekend

Would give anything for

  • A sleep-in day. I will get it on Saturday! Come fast Saturday