Friday, February 27, 2009


Here we go. Really, I'm getting off the couch and packing. Really. I woke up early today, did some packing, went to see my priest and then came home. I picked up a panini at one of my favorite Victoria cafe's (Pure Vanilla) and ate that for lunch (okay, okay, along with a "kitchen sink" cookie from the same cafe). Now I really really could just fal asleep. But I will get going on the packing before I head out to run some errands and pick up D. and the moving truck.

Here we go!

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Last night we went for dinner at some dear friends' home. They are in some ways our local "family" here. They are just wonderful. We make a good group, as D. and A. (the husbands) play a strategy game while B. and I sit and talk for hours and hours while we drink wine.

Everytime we get together for an evening, I leave inspired, refreshed and so thankful after talking with B. for hours. This week it was so what I needed. It was the first time I've relaxed all week.

Of course, after getting home at close to 2am, and having only about 4 hours sleep, I am SOOOO tired now. But it was worth it.

Today I have a video conference this morning, then my last haircut with my hairdresser here! I really don't have time for this haircut, but I'm doing it anyways, because I really need a haircut, and I don't know what I"ll do once I move to the mainland, because I love this hairdresser so much!! I'm actually debating coming over here for haircuts!

And, what is with the snow??

Monday, February 23, 2009

To keep going...

I have scored video for about 8 hours already today and have another 2-3 hours to do still. Then work, then packing. My eyes may fall out of their sockets trying to do more tonight, so to keep on going here are my changes:

1) Candle, Vanilla scented.

2) Earl Grey tea
3) Open window for fresh air.
Now, those of you that know what a nerd I am and how much I actually love data may be shocked by my grumbling. I will be SO thrilled to tabulate, analyze and graphically display this data, but at the moment I am scoring second-by-second data on 11 different things, for three 30-minute data.'s wearing on me (mostly because I left it to the last minute and now have to do it all in one day. Surprise surprise.
Here I go :)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Just a bit...


We move in a week. I was away for 5 days, came home to work one day, then went to Courtenay for 5 days more. I just got home last night, and have been sick for this whole week, and thought I thought I was getting better this cold/sinus/cough thing seems to have rallied forces and actually gotten worse again today.

I have a whole bunch of work to do. I also have probably close to 10 hours of video scoring that I need to get done by the end of tomorrow for my thesis, so I can hopefully finish running a participant this last week we're in Victoria.

We have to pack our house. We are moving on Saturday, 1 week from today. But we're not moving TOO a new home. We're going to be putting everything into a storage locker and staying with D.'s parents. We are very lucky we have them to stay with.

Nothing is really "in place." We still have so much packing to do (you'd be horrified if you saw how much). Luckily D. did a bunch while I was away. I have to get taxes ready (being self-employed this is a big job) to go to the accountant. I have to decide whether to keep my dental appt. on the mainland on Wed and go for just the day to get the work done before D's dental runs out. I have to make my office portable. I have to get a haircut with my hair stylist here before moving. And there, as always are fires to put out with clients....

And I'm just tired. And sick. And I just want to be sick and lay in bed all day and sleep and get better.

Okay, whining over, you can go now :).

Friday, February 06, 2009

Just Roast It.

Last night I made roast beef, roasted winter vegetables and green beens. As I mentioned yesterday, I rarely make roasts. Everytime I do I have to call my mom to find out how to cook it (There are so many cuts of meat, it's so confusing!!). When I was talking with her yesterday, after telling me to rub a mixture of olive oil, kosher salt, herbs and garlic over the roast she paused and said ".....but, I know you don't like to touch the meat. You can just spoon it onto the roast and spread it around." So funny!

So, the roast turned out well, though a bit overdone I think (I didn't have a meat thermometer so was being careful. I even made gravy, which also turned out pretty well, in the end enyways. That rub my mom told me to put on btw was super good :). Initially I added too much of a cornstarch-broth mixture, and it imediately transformed from broth to a gelatinous mass. I added more and more broth to thin it out, and in the end it was perfectly good gravy, though I had a lot of it.

These roasted vegetables were the best part though. I forget how lovely roasted winter vegetables are. I used potatoes, yams, parsnips, and carrots here, and mixed them with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, rosemary and some italian herbs, and 2-3 cloves of garlic. They turned out so sweet and tastey- the sugars in the vegetables combined with the balsamic and caramalized. So good :).

Thursday, February 05, 2009


Started really badly - a rushed morning when I was not quite awake and couldn't find what I needed. I become a hysterical lunatic on such mornings. Really, if you think I'm nice, you haven't seen this me. Just ask my DH.

Improved- I went grocery shopping and to the gym after running some sessions for my thesis. I'll make a roast tonight and roasted balsamic winter vegetables. I almost never make roasts. But, every once and a while I buy one on a whim. Today is that day.

Stronger - I went to the gym, though I really didn't feel up for it. I feel better having gone though, and I have decided that I will use my new Alba coconut something yummy moisturizing stuff after my after-the-gym shower only (contingencies...). So, now I smell good, and am warm and clean and cosy. And tired.

Now -I have earl grey tea, and a vanilla candle on my desk. And Kiehl's cranberry lip balm, which is currently sitting on my mouse pad. I'm listening to Ben Harper (courtesy Vic's blog).

The rest of the day- work lots, score video, get the roast in, then eat and cuddle with my husband. Oh, and sort laundry.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Sigh. Now there are a lot of cookies in my kitchen. Waiting, lurking, staring at me :) I bake or cook when I'm stressed out, if I'm really feeling ooky, I bake sweet things like this. I need a book of "mini recipes" that make just enough to eat in the moment with no left-overs!