Monday, February 23, 2009

To keep going...

I have scored video for about 8 hours already today and have another 2-3 hours to do still. Then work, then packing. My eyes may fall out of their sockets trying to do more tonight, so to keep on going here are my changes:

1) Candle, Vanilla scented.

2) Earl Grey tea
3) Open window for fresh air.
Now, those of you that know what a nerd I am and how much I actually love data may be shocked by my grumbling. I will be SO thrilled to tabulate, analyze and graphically display this data, but at the moment I am scoring second-by-second data on 11 different things, for three 30-minute data.'s wearing on me (mostly because I left it to the last minute and now have to do it all in one day. Surprise surprise.
Here I go :)


Victoria said...

you can do it!!! :)

biss said...

Keep on Keeping on

Anonymous said...

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