Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Sigh. Now there are a lot of cookies in my kitchen. Waiting, lurking, staring at me :) I bake or cook when I'm stressed out, if I'm really feeling ooky, I bake sweet things like this. I need a book of "mini recipes" that make just enough to eat in the moment with no left-overs!


Sarah said...

I was thinking just this plate of cookies looks pretty fabulous! Too bad I can't download 'em straight into my living room!

Why so stressed, Ty? For what it's worth, someone once gave me this piece of advice, and it's always helped to calm me when I've been stressed. I kind of chant it like a mantra when I'm really out of sorts.

Anyway, here it is:
"One way or another, things always work out, just not always when you expect them to or in the ways you expect them to."

I think it's the last bit that really helps me relax... trusting that there are other ways for life to resolve itself - ways that I may not yet have thought of.

Sending great big hugs to you...

Victoria said...

aahh. sometimes that is exactly the kind of dinner I need.
it will be nice when you are on the mainland. I will urge you to come to my house when you've got the blahs and cook 'dinner' for me! :)

biss said...

I sometimes make a couple batches of cookies and then roll the dough into balls and freeze them. That way, when I have a hankering for a cookie but only so many, or if I have people over and need to feed them a quick treat, I can pull out as many frozen cookie balls as needed, shove them in the oven and bake them up, and voila! Perhaps you could do that with excess dough, having some on hand for "emergencies" but not having baked ones that you need to eat up.

Anonymous said...

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