Monday, August 20, 2007

Lemony goodness.

I went to get my non-SPUD groceries at a local grocery store, and there it was...sitting right in the dairy section with a florescent orange "NEW ITEM" sign on it. Liberte lemon yogurt. M. has raved to me about this, and then when I stopped for house-sitting there she spoiled me with this devine yogurt and fresh berries and I was hooked. I had determined I would go hunting for it, but no hunting was required!

It is so wonderfully luscious, lemony and laden with fat. It is definitely (as M. told me) NOT a low fat yogurt - it is a dessert, or a decadent breakfast, and ohhh is it good! Try it if your grocery store carries it! Be warned that the Liberte yogurt they carry at Starbucks is NOT the same thing.

Taking a breath and finding some balance

School is done, the marks are in, and I did okay. I'm still doing some additional work on the research I did for my practicum though, because my prof things we may be able to publish it!

Trying to retrieve balance in my life is my goal for the next couple of weeks. We cleaned and did grocery shopping yesterday, and combined with the SPUD delivery we're set. I've pulled out fish to defrost for dinner for tonight, and will make a roast for dinner tomorrow night when we have a friend visiting. The rest of the week will be hectic, so hopefully left-overs from tomorrow will help us get through the week. Does anyone have a good recipe for doing a roast in a crock-pot? I'd rather avoid the stove if possible.

We've planned a number of social events this week, which is good. That is one area that balance has been lacking - we just haven't been socializing at all lately. I'll find a way to fit it all in!

I'm hoping that tonight we can get a dresser moved into our bedroom (it's waiting outside in storage to be moved in) and get our clothes situation figured out, and set up our Icon corner set up and various pictures hung. That's pretty close to all we have left to set up, besides finishing unpacking and setting up the office.

Monday, August 13, 2007

The last 24 hours

I've had a super crazy 24 hours! I'm very impressed that I'm still standing (well...sitting). I feel a need to share it.

Sunday daytime, continuing until 5:30 am this morning - writing the majority of my final report for my practicum.
8:30am this morning - wake up (ug). Email and coffee...and more email and coffee.
9:30 this morning -decide to have a "break" and talk on phone with mom.
10:30am, after showering, madly work on work-stuff required by 1pm
12pm finish work stuff, have related phone call.
Realize the iron is still on waiting to iron my clothes.

Finish paper, edit, and print paper. Shake in my boots regarding mark I will get on said paper.

Following work call -decide (for some bizarre reason) to double-check my exam time for an exam I'm writing tomorrow. Realize exam end date is today. Ah! Phone testing centre and squirrel my way in for a 7:00pm testing time today.

Prepare for work (print out materials etc etc etc).

Leave for work, mail paper I now no longer care about and just want out of my hands. Study for exam that I now have today on 11 articles three of which I haven't even read.

Run 2hr training session in new protocol at work.
Buzz up to UVic
Study for the last 45 mintues before my exam.
Beg exam proctor for another 30 minutes to study, he complies. THANK you!
Start exam at 7:30. Read questions. Almost start crying. Take deep breath, realize it's only because I'm tired. Write exam.
Finally come home, eat the first full meal of the day at 9:45pm and spend evening time with husband. Love husband. bed. Sweet glorious bed!! Not before a few more emails...but.

Positives: The paper is done, which means that course is almost completely done. The exam is done, which means only one more to go. The training session went well. I will go camping for at least a night or two next weekend with D. and that will be wonderful. Only a couple more weeks to a more substantial vacation with friends that will be REALLY a break!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

A fast-paced summer

Is anyone else appalled that it is already a week into August and the summer will be over soon?!?

I have a holiday planned for a few days at the end of August, but haven't done anything summerlike yet!! No lake time, no camping, no road trip! Yikes! It's been so easy to get so caught up in work and school and be so tired on the weekends that the prospect of planning a weekend or day trip seems daunting.

That's it. We're going away for our anniversary weekend. Camping. Or something.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Home and thoughtful.

I was on the mainand for work the last two days. It was a mad weekend of driving all over the mainland! Highlights:
- Got to the ferry at 6:30 pm on Thursday night. I got on the 9PM ferry (and there WAS an 8pm). I had forgotten it was a long weekend (of course, because I was working).
-Had planned to stay at friends house because had fogotten till the night before that I hadn't planned where to stay, and friend needed a house-sitter (very convienient) for a day or two.
- Rolled in to dear friends home at 12am. ya. Thought I "should" go to bed. Thought I NEED some quality time with said friend. was 12-3am..but it was us, so it was still quality ;-).
- Ate Liberte lemon yogurt. To die for.
- Went to sleep around 3:30 am
- woke up at 6:30 am
- Drank strong and satisfying espresso. Ate more yogurt with fruit. Felt like I was in a bed and breakfast ;-). Visited over breakfast with a)google maps (to figure out how to get to work), b)friend I was staying with and c) friends children who I miss so much, and are so old now! It was good.
-Remembered what driving around the lower mainland is like (ick!)
- Had a great day at work.
- made bbq chicken pizza with wonderful chipolte tasting sauce and roast chicken I found in friends house
- worked for a few hours in the evening
- flopped and watched sitcoms for an hour or two
- hung out with the cats ( enormous cats)
- crashed
- worked another good day
- drove to ferries, had a wonderful evening ferry ride spent reading Harry Potter till the cars behind me were honking for me to get off the ferry.
-made it in time for the final blessing at vespers at Church, ate cake, visited, and came home.
- had wine on patio with husband who i missed (I decided to take tonight off)
- now sitting on patio at 11:30pm blogging having promised husband I'll be to bed in 10 minutes

Pretty good couple of days. Busy, crazy, glad to be home.

We're hoping to get some serious house-setting-up done tommorrow, and then I need to read 7 articles and post intelligent comments on them to my discussion group. No Problem!! Lol. Glad I took tonight off! Life is crazy, often stressful...but I am blessed, and happy with where I'm at. That's it (you know...after a two page post!).