Monday, August 13, 2007

The last 24 hours

I've had a super crazy 24 hours! I'm very impressed that I'm still standing (well...sitting). I feel a need to share it.

Sunday daytime, continuing until 5:30 am this morning - writing the majority of my final report for my practicum.
8:30am this morning - wake up (ug). Email and coffee...and more email and coffee.
9:30 this morning -decide to have a "break" and talk on phone with mom.
10:30am, after showering, madly work on work-stuff required by 1pm
12pm finish work stuff, have related phone call.
Realize the iron is still on waiting to iron my clothes.

Finish paper, edit, and print paper. Shake in my boots regarding mark I will get on said paper.

Following work call -decide (for some bizarre reason) to double-check my exam time for an exam I'm writing tomorrow. Realize exam end date is today. Ah! Phone testing centre and squirrel my way in for a 7:00pm testing time today.

Prepare for work (print out materials etc etc etc).

Leave for work, mail paper I now no longer care about and just want out of my hands. Study for exam that I now have today on 11 articles three of which I haven't even read.

Run 2hr training session in new protocol at work.
Buzz up to UVic
Study for the last 45 mintues before my exam.
Beg exam proctor for another 30 minutes to study, he complies. THANK you!
Start exam at 7:30. Read questions. Almost start crying. Take deep breath, realize it's only because I'm tired. Write exam.
Finally come home, eat the first full meal of the day at 9:45pm and spend evening time with husband. Love husband. bed. Sweet glorious bed!! Not before a few more emails...but.

Positives: The paper is done, which means that course is almost completely done. The exam is done, which means only one more to go. The training session went well. I will go camping for at least a night or two next weekend with D. and that will be wonderful. Only a couple more weeks to a more substantial vacation with friends that will be REALLY a break!


Magnificent M said...

oh my word!!!!! that is horrible! okay that is a yucky, yucky day! you must be so glad you checked the exam date though! Ugh!!!! I am seriously buying you some drinks for that whole 24 hour fiasco!

if it makes you feel any better today I had my shirt neckline essientially pulled down to my belly button, revealing my, wait for it, plunge neckline bra (so NOT a good choice of bras for today!!!!!!). the puller was strong enough actually pull me down so I was unable to stand up, he then grabbed at my "shirt" but managed to get a grip on some, errr, flesh and gave that a yank and for a full 10 seconds at least I was rather exposed for an entire team of 20 somethings to see. It was good times. I was also punched, pinched and at one point my arm was eyed up with an open biting mouth but I refused to flinch and somehow managed to avoid that.

Despite all of this, I think you by far had a worse day... now if we were only closer so we could go out for a destressing drink to forget our lovely days!!!

can't wait for our weekend! we must plan the itinerary!

T. said...

Oh my!! was much less eventful..just tied up some loose ends for my practicum stuff, and went to work for the day. Mostly administrative work today so. Currently trying to motivate myself to make a healthy dinner wtih all our good spud stuff (verses the UNhealthy sub and chips from safeway of last night - they actually have really good subs).

Magnificent M said...

sometimes a sub and some chips is just what one needs :-)

last night I had some peach wine and focaccia with olive oil and balsamic. Yeah, ummm, nothing healthy in that meal at all!!!! I don't think peach wine counts as a produce serving. good therapy for an interresting afternoon though!

biss said...

Sounds hectic. Hope you enjoyed "time off" when you had planned to write the exam on the next day...

T. said...

Unfortunately it was just more time to get my other work done! That's okay though, it was still a more efficient use of time!