Monday, August 20, 2007

Taking a breath and finding some balance

School is done, the marks are in, and I did okay. I'm still doing some additional work on the research I did for my practicum though, because my prof things we may be able to publish it!

Trying to retrieve balance in my life is my goal for the next couple of weeks. We cleaned and did grocery shopping yesterday, and combined with the SPUD delivery we're set. I've pulled out fish to defrost for dinner for tonight, and will make a roast for dinner tomorrow night when we have a friend visiting. The rest of the week will be hectic, so hopefully left-overs from tomorrow will help us get through the week. Does anyone have a good recipe for doing a roast in a crock-pot? I'd rather avoid the stove if possible.

We've planned a number of social events this week, which is good. That is one area that balance has been lacking - we just haven't been socializing at all lately. I'll find a way to fit it all in!

I'm hoping that tonight we can get a dresser moved into our bedroom (it's waiting outside in storage to be moved in) and get our clothes situation figured out, and set up our Icon corner set up and various pictures hung. That's pretty close to all we have left to set up, besides finishing unpacking and setting up the office.

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