Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Good Things

  • good coffee. my bialatti coffee maker. My two favorites: esspresso and soy milk on ice with SB juicy raspberry syrup and soy vanilla americano misto
  • whole wheat waffles in the freezer
  • menus planned for a week. resulting in yummy taboleh in the fridge for lunch
  • prospect winery cabernet-merlot (in my glass)
  • a fridge that dispenses ice and filtered water
  • new shoes
  • fresh clean sheets on the bed
  • parents visiting this weekend

Would give anything for

  • A sleep-in day. I will get it on Saturday! Come fast Saturday


RW said...

do you make your own waffles and freeze them?

Victoria said...

very good things indeed!

T. said...

Yep, we were given a wonderful waffle maker a year or two ago. Whenever I make waffles, I make a ton of them, then wrap the leftovers and put them in a ziplock and freeze them. So nice to have! And, takes almost no extra work when I'm making waffles.

Tabatha said...

I really hope you did get a sleep in. You are one busy woman. I do miss seeing you and your husband.

I try and do that with our waffles & pancakes but man can Finnian pack them away.