Monday, May 18, 2009


I had a great Sunday. We went to Church (which is always a great start to a Sunday). After Church we came home and I did some work while my wonderful husband tidied up the house. Around 4:30 my brother and nephew came over for dinner. They hung out while I made dinner, we all watched part of Wall-E after dinner. My nephew is so utterly adorable. I just want to squeeze him the whole time he is here and not let him get up and play like a normal 3-year-old. lol!

Then, I went out to run a couple of errands, and later that evening M. and her family came over. She had said they would come by and bring "something to snack on and a bottle of wine" so we could visit when they came by to pick up a couple of things from us. They showed up with 1) All the fixings for lovely wonderful home made pizzas (dough included!), 2) 2 bottles of yummy La Frenz wine and 3) Coconut cupcakes (so tasty). M. proceded to cook away making the yummiest pizza ever while we all visited. We visited well into the evening, and the kids were so great sitting and watching a movie while we visited.

I like days like that. I am so thankful I have a house that I like having people come to now, where there's space and it's easy to clean and fit people in. And, as a side note, where I can clean up after each visit in time for the next because there is a DISHWASHER. Haven't quite gotten over the novelty of that yet. We're still not nearly unpacked yet, but it's getting there inch by inch.


RW said...

sounds like a lovely time

avery said...

3 weeks since your last post!!

(no pressure... ;)

T. said...

Ha ha Avery!..I was just thinking that :)

Anonymous said...

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