Monday, February 11, 2008

My favorite quick yummy food.

I've made this a few times. Each time it's slightly different. The key ingredients are:

Red peppers, chopped bite-size (were on sale at the small store down the street today.
Chorizo sausage, or hot italian turkey sausage, or some type of hot sausage. If you use non-spicy variety as I did tonight, add red pepper flakes and ground chili to add the heat :-).
Tomato sauce...I like the tall thin jars of it you get at the Italian deli's...simply purred tomatoes.
Olive oil, usually 1-2 tbsp
Lots of garlic (2-4 or more cloves)
Gnocci, usually 1 package.
Salt, to taste.

Sauteed the 3 red bell peppers and 4 turkey-chicken mild italian sausages in the olive oil, with the garlic, red pepper flakes, ground chili and salt.
Added the tomato sauce.
Cooked the gnocci while everything else was cooking.
Mixed the cooked gnocci in with everything else, cooked for another 5 min to let the flavors all "meld."
Topped with chopped fresh basil (came in my SPUD order, have to use!).

Depending on what I have in terms of oil, herbs and spices, and what is on sale/reasonable in terms of meat, this varies slightly. It's good with regular pasta too, but for some reason I like it more with Gnocci.

We had this with the Sumac Ridge Cabernet-Merlot which was on sale at the wine shop up the street. We DID walk to the wine store and to pick up the couple of needed ingredients for dinner.

We came dangerously close to eating out tonight, but opted for this instead. Though not the healthiest meal, it's not too bad, and better than what we would have had eating out. We have managed to keep up our new eating-at-the-table tradition; D. took the time to tidy up the things that had accumulated on the table while I cooked...and is now being wonderful and doing the dishes :-).

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