Thursday, February 14, 2008

Mraz amataz

So whenever my brother and I get together, he ALWAYS has some new music to play me. Despite how different we are in most areas, my brother has this uncanny ability to peg my taste in music like no one else. He always has a list of songs/artists to play me that I will "love." I always do. Jason Mraz was one of those. He played it for me one day while we were driving somewhere, and I loved it, but then forgot about it. BUT - he made me a CD of Jason Mraz's tunes for Christmas. I can't explain to you how much I love this artist. Mraz combines all the things I love about at least 5 different artists. He's phenomenal.

The video in this clip is lame (shaky), but I had to post this song (there are actually two in this clip, but the first one is the one I was looking for). The sound is the better in this one than the other clips though. So good. So so good. I've been grooving to Mr. Mraz for about 3 days straight now :-).

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coramie said...

Love it....absolutely love it!!!