Saturday, February 16, 2008

Spending time wtih a childhood friend

This is the third Saturday in a row I've watch the Padington Bear cartoon. That means this is the third Saturday in a row I've been up at 6 am for something or other. Lame. I am dreaming of next Satruday, as it's the my one weekend off and thus far unbooked. The following weekend it will be off to the mainland again for work on Friday and Sat. and a meeting Friday evening.

So, this is actually a fairly good cartoon. And, few know this now, but growing up I had (and still have somewhere) a Padington Bear doll that slept with me every night. Who, for many years I was convinced a) could hear and understand me talking, b) had feelings that would be hurt if (for example) I placed another stuffed animal in the "prized" spot on the bed; or dropped him on the floor, or packed a different stuffed animal in my suitcase when going on a trip, leaving him behind.

So, I guess, if I'm going to be up at 6am multiple Saturdays in a row, it's good to spend some time with my old friend Paddy.


coramie said...

This post so makes me smile...:-)
Ah...memories of childhood!!

Magnificent M said...

I had a friend like that, he was a blue elephant that I named snuffy. I still have him. I tried to give him to my kids but when they didn't put him in the prized spots I ended up sneaking him back. He's shaggy and seen better days but he still fills my heart with joy. :-)