Monday, February 18, 2008

I heart Trader Joes

A collegue of D.'s was going to the states and offered to pick us up treats from Trader Joes. So, we made her a shopping list and here's what D. brought home tonight!!

In case you can't see...there are Tamari Wasabi almonds, triple ginger snaps, multigrain pita chips, Chipolte salsa, Tuna in yellow curry sauce (I've been dreaming about this!), mini peanut butter cups, multigrain rice crackers and reduced fat cheesies!! So many of our favorites!!!! Hooray!!!


Magnificent M said...

I can NOT wait for our TJ run in chicago! We are so cabbing it to trader joe's!!!

T. said...

lol! I know :-)

We had the tuna in yellow curry sauce tonight and I could taste it before we even ate it it is so good. It's just in a bag you boil or put in the microwave...I ate it all the time when we were there, esp. after Daryl left. SOOOO good!!! If only we had a microwave in Chicago, we could get these! Super yummy lunch.