Thursday, February 28, 2008

People Watching at the Gym

Wow. I don't know if I've become more observant at the gym or if people watching has gotten more interesting. The last two days I've finished up work and what not a bit later, and have wanted to exercise after dark. Not wanting to go walking/jogging alone at night I've gone to the gym at the local Rec Centre. I forgot how much I like it there....I spent about an hour and a half the first night and an hour and 15 minutes the second night and on both nights I left mostly because I needed to get other things done, but was enjoying myself enough I could have stayed quite a bit longer.

So...they have rearranged the gym, and some of the machines I use are in different locations, namely closer proximity to the weight training area. There are a few interesting characters:
- Super fit girl who works super hard and seems shy and keeps to herself
- Boysterous body builder, who makes lots of noise, asks random people to "spot" him (usually female), and obviously hits on superfit girl at least 2-3 times per hour (based on my 1.25 hour observation). Superfit girl has him on planned ignore. She clearly is irritated by him.
- Crazy, and I mean MAD tiny tiny skinny skinny man who goes so fast on the elliptical (using the handles too) that I seriously am hesitant to walk behind him while he's on the machine, as he looks like at any moment a) he will go flying off the elliptical accross the room, and hit the wall before dropping to the floor, b) he will pass out, or c) I will get hit by projectile sweat dropplets. Seriously, I'm always waiting for the gym monitors to ask him to slow down before the machine breaks. It's like nothing I've every seen before.
- A former philosophy prof of mine. This is, for those of you who have heard the story, the same prof I encountered in the pool area of this rec centre 2 or more years ago. I was swimming laps and came up for air to find myself looking at my philosophy prof, who was in a speedo, JUMPING up and down trying to get water out of his ears or something. lol.
- Amazing woman who rows like 15k on the rowing machine. I was on one next to her and had no idea how long she'd been rowing until she asked me to read her distance/calorie report for her (she is blind). I just about fell off my machine! She's really really nice too.

Anyways...I kind of like that the same people were there (many anyways) both nights and that most people know the gym staff who are really nice and walk around checking in with people and talking to them. I think as soon as I have the money I'll buy a pack of tickets or year long pass again...I really like this gym. And because it's a rec centre, the tickets or pass also give you entrance to the pool etc.


Simply Victoria said...

lol!! really funny.
especially crazy skinny guy.
I can totally picture him in my mind.
people watching is sooo entertaining, no? :):)

T. said...

Yes! Crazy skinny guy was ABSOLUTELY the highlight of both evenings(he was there both nights).

Magnificent M said...

ROFL!!! Too funny! It is too weird seeing profs in regular life... let alone in semi naked states. Hmmm.