Saturday, May 27, 2006

Southern Charm and sleepless nights

The talk about "Southern charm" and southern hospitality turns out to be completely true. Atlanta is my new favorite place. Every single person I've met has a) had a beautiful (and oddly calming) southern accent, and b) been extremely freindy (really, I think us victoria/vancouverites have some serious competition on the friendliness!! We had quite an adventurous trip here - ok - a LAME trip here. Our flight was delayed by about 5 hours...then as we were about to take off, they had to turn the plane around due to the weather...then FINALLY we took off, and ya, there was crazy LIGHTENING flashing in the windows for the whole first 45 minutes of the flight!!. Michelle and I got stopped at customs by an indignant man who asked us (in a voice that cannot be replicated as humerously via text) "You brought PEPPERONI??" When M. tried to make light of the situation saying "'s not REALLY meat right?" The officer looked at us straight faced and said "yes. it is." lol!! Theresa on the other hand had a much more pleasent experience with the customs officer. Probably because when asked whether the trip was for business or pleasure she said "PULESSSUUURRRRE" with a raised eyebrow. Ya, SHE didn't get stopped for illegal non-meat goods. I officially hate the Chicago airport (the one we were stuck at)...but love the Atlanta one.

We did our first international presentation today at the conference...and I said "crap" while presenting....very a professional conference presentation. I think it might have even been while I was discussing the topic of professionalism. Ah! Other than that though, it went really well...I have my poster presentation today, which I'm a little nervous about but it should be fine. No sleep last night, or the night before...but that's ok - it was mostly due to good socializing ("Good times...good times").

Anyhoo..I should run I'm hogging the free computer. Have to get ready for my poster presentation. Will try to keep the blog posted..maddness though!



Magdalen said...

I'm glad you've had such a great time, Ty, airport complications aside. When are you home?
miss you guys.

Mom said...

Glad to hear you are having a great time. Look forward to hearing all about it when you get home. Have a smooth trip back !!

Magdalen said...

nudge nudge.