Friday, May 19, 2006


So, I now have in my possession a real, giant, printed poster for my poster session. And you know's kind of cool to see it all done. Really cool actually. But I am afraid to take it out of it's tube and unroll it since a)It took about 4 tries for the people at the print shop to get it rolled up tight enough to fit in it's tube and 2) It's not laminated yet, and I am deathly afraid of ruining it somehow! So it will stay in it's tube until I make my way to staples for laminating. Whew!

Getting there on the last test I have to finish for tomorrow...but have hit a snag and have to wait for a response from my prof, so have a brief moment to 1) Vacuum, 2) do some dishes, 3) Eat something, and 3)Blog.

So last year, Daryl's sister gave him this plant for his birthday ("dragonfly" and he likes dragonflies..) and it seemed to be dying no matter what we did, had this while film on it, all small and limp and just ill looking...eventually after many attempts to save it, it died...or so we thought. It came back to life this year, compeltely to our surprise (no attention from us for months)and has flowered. It's beautiful! Here it is:

Nice hey! There are now really nice red and white flowers as well! It's so beautiful. LL will be so happy it came back to life. She was at our place a month or two ago and looked on the balcony and saw it all dead looking, and seemed sad. I think maybe we'll make her wedding card out of this picture.

Very nice...well must check if email has come in.


Sarah said...

It's beautiful! Stunning, really. I think I'm going to try that technique with my plants - do think it will generalise across species?

T. said...

lol I'm not so sure about that! We lucked out! :)

Mom said...

What a time you've had....but it will all work out in the end....I have faith!! I love your description of cheesy nuts and wine Mediterranean!!

Magnificent M said...

I just may be jealous because I am still working on my nasty and uninteresting posters! BTW you and I are going to be sharing a bed, a vote was taken... they are sticking us together ;-)

Magdalen said...

miss you. Good luck on all your stuff you've got going. Hope you have a great time at the wedding tomorrow!
hugs. Hug Daryl's sis for me. (I do actually know her name, but I don't know how to spell it, so I don't want to write it out. But hug her for me.)

Magdalen said...

Guess by now you're probably in Atlanta. I hope you're having a fantastic time, and I'm wishing you luck in your presentations. **LUCK LUCK LUCK**
miss you.