Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Prosphora Bash!

I wrote this two days ago, but had problems with the picture formatting! Still not quite there but will post it anyways. This evening, we had a "group" prosphora baking night. Prosphora is the bread we use for communion in the Orthodox Church. Check out http://prosphora.org for more info. ANYhoo...the process is long (as is all bread baking) but wonderfully thereputic, especially as it turns out when combined prayer, great company, wine, dinner, and tea and "reject" prosphora afterwards (which didn't look great, but despite being a little undercooked was SO tasty). Melanie and Katerine are kneeding the dough above. While waiting for the dough to rise we had a yummy meal on the patio in the sun, with wine. This was the first dinner on our patio this summer. Hooray! Summer is almost here!! Here's Melaine enjoying the "wine" break :-). So, all in all we ended up with 7 good loaves of prosphora - almost 2 months worth! But...one of the best parts about making prosphora is eating the warm left-over/not quite right prosphora right out of the oven, dipped in melted butter. Fr. John tipped me off on that idea. So, we all enjoyed it with wine and tea afterwards. The boys had a theological debate, which somehow lead to vulcan ears?? So, prosphora has been baked and summer is almost here!

Unfortunately, I can't seem to figure out how to set up the pictures so that they all fit and look nice! In fact as I'm typing this, I lost two pictures! Where did they go!!?? Arg!

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