Tuesday, May 16, 2006

A love affair with blue cheese...

I made THE most fantastic pizza last night (Biss I was thinking of you :-). Here it is:


-1 of Biss's super good 100% whole wheat pizza dough crust (dough made in bread maker)
-Olive oil,
-1 granny smith apple
- one large onion
- bit of brown sugar (Tbsp?)
- turkey bacon (4 slices)
- sprig of rosemary
- about 3/4 cup blue cheese (I used a mellow blue cheese).
- About 1 to 1 1/2 cups of skim mozza

Roll out dough and brush with olive oil. Sprinkle a tiny bit of the mozza over the crust, lay out apples evenly around crust. Cut the bacon into small pieces (about an inch wide) and lay out evenly on the pizza. Caramalize the onions by frying for about 20-30 minutes, adding about 1/3 cup of water and the brown sugar after about 10 minutes (do this ahead of time). Put the caramalized onions and crumbled blue cheese on the pizza, top with the rest of the mozza and bake (350 ish for about 20-30 mintues?).

IT WAS SO GOOD. I based it on a pizza I had at (I think it was) Milestones - that one had gorgonzola cheese though I think. That was the first time I enjoyed anything involving blue cheese...it was a slippery slope after that. During one of our wonderful, therepeutic dinners, I shared a blue cheese/apple/caramalized pecan salad with a dear friend, and that was the next step in my improving relationship with blue cheese. I took the final step and had it "straight" with apple at Pascha, then at ANOTHER wonderful dinner with the same friend (we like to eat together :-) I tried some wonderful creamy yummy blue cheese, and have been craving it ever since.

So, that's it, I officially like blue cheese. I may even "LIKE like" it. Do you remember that saying from when you were 12 ( "I like him" ..."But do you LIKE like him?" ). I think it meant I don't LOVE him...but i have a very big crush on him and want him to like me so I have something to giggle about. I can't tell if it is the company I always seem to be with when I eat it, or the cheese, but I think blue cheese may make me giggle :-)


Magdalen said...

Poor Daryl. He's been dumped for a bunch of rotting milk...
:) Remember when you had blue cheese on that sandwhich at the Pennyfarthing, and you had to make Daryl eat it because it grossed you out so much? Ha. Times sure do change...
miss you

T. said...

lol I do remember!! I they do change! I just had a yummy blue cheese/brie chicken burger the other day - SO good :-)

Magnificent M said...

I definately LIKE like blue cheese. I remember my first time.. it was gorgozola on steak... told me dad I had this amazing cheese called gorgonzola (when cooked the blue vanishes) and he laughed and told me that was blue cheese. I was adamant that it was not but alas I was wrong.

Must turn you on to Poplar Grove Blue cheese... best ever

Sarah said...


T. said...

Sarah! You're on blogger!! Makes me smile :-)

Magnificent M said...

must tell you about delicious bacon recipe.... your brown sugar reminded me.

okay brace yourself it sounds weird...

you simply lay bacon on broiler pan, sprinkle 1/2 cup brown sugar on it, bake at 425 I think for 20 minutes and wonderful, sweet, salty delicious concoction emerges. its amazing. good on salads. when it cools down it becomes caramelly

would be great on a salad with blue cheese

what are you doing between july 1-15... you should come to osoyoos and visit us!

biss said...

Hmmm....sounds like we'll have to get together and giggle soon. Say, on your patio? Beginning of June?
I am SO excited!