Thursday, May 11, 2006

A few miscellaneous things.

Well, there are several things I had thought, before I had a blog, and after "I should put that in my blog" but alas, time passed and.....

So, I discovered in my favorite magazine (REAL SIMPLE), a great way to keep track of all those extra buttons and thread that come with clothes. I had never, funnily enough had these things come with clothing when I read the article, but over the last year or two have accumulated SO many little baggies full of buttons etc...So, I modified their idea, based on what I had around the house and came up with this:

All it is is construction paper wtih the bags pinned to it. But it keeps them orderly and in one place. I popped this into my sewing kit. The PLAN is to continue to label them from now on - easy to do by writing on the paper above them. So am I more of a nerd for doing this, or taking AND posting a picture of it?

Next item :-) A week or so ago, to celebrate HIM being asked to start working full time at a web design company, D. bought me a gorgeous live orchid. I LOVE my orchid so much! I'm determined to keep it alive and looking as beautiful, calming and pristine as it does right now (which I might add is going well so far - it's still alive after a week or two!). So, here is a picture of my gorgeous orchid. Isn't it gorgeous!! It makes me smile.

So...I've been trying to socialize more and stress less. I've been somewhat successful on the first count, less so on the second. As mentioned earlier, I had a great weekend with Daryl, but ALSO..on the Friday, one of my kindred spirits (mostly in that she loves to dance to MJ, will think the button organization is exciting, and most importantly LOVES the same food I do). And no no Magnificent M I'm note only writing this b/c you commented in your blog! Anyhoo...we had wonderful food, cheese, wine, with a beautiful view of the ocean. It was a wonderfully relaxing evening.

So onwards - the Prosphora Bash was great...lots of good socializing, and with people from Church that I haven't had a chance to spend much time with.

Yesterday, I ended up going on a semi-impromptu shopping trip with a wonderful friend A. who is 9 months pregnant!! And...met up with Mag who is over visiting for a couple of days. I discovered that A. is just about the absolute best shopping mate for me ever. Even at 9 months pregnant she was totally willing to continue shopping around for the best price for hours on end. It was excellent, and I picked up a beauty skirt for my sister-in-law's upcoming wedding, and some much needed "conference atire" (what I'm calling it to justify getting it). So, that was awsume.

AND - Mag is here, we had a great time shopping with A. and then a great evening on the deck drinking wine and eating pizza with Daryl...and then just us girls later on. It was wonderful. She's leaving tomorrow :-(.

On the not stressing thing, I've been somewhat less successfull- big work stress that left me not sleeping at all last night and tense and unable to eat most of the day today...will be fine - no reason for me to be so upset and tense, but that's just my personality. I'll continue working on it. LordhavemercyLordhavemercy...

I suddenly feel like I have so much to write...but will sign off for now...I always say too much :-)

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Magdalen said...

It's been a fantastic couple of days, hasn't it? Too bad it's so short. :( We must make sure to do this again before you go away.