Tuesday, May 02, 2006


One baby step closer to less stress and more organization?? Whenever someone's birthday comes along I invariably forget until a) the day before or b) several days after. I also really enjoy giving gifts with more character, that are suited to the person I'm giving them to...but shopping in a rush doesn't exactly facilitate that. Of course, like everyone else, I always see things that would be perfect for a certain person when it is NOT their birthday...and yes, the best thing to do is to buy it right then, and stash it away for when it IS their birthday.

This presents three problems for me though 1) I usually don't have the money right then to buy it, 2) There is great potential that I would stash it and forget about it and 3) I can be a bit of a shopaholic. Take the other day for example: I had to get two gifts. I had a lovely time strolling around the neat little shops in trounce alley downtown; a fabulous kitchen shop, a chic gift shop...oooh so much great stuff. The problem was that I found several hundred dollars worth of gifts that were perfect for some particular person! I would have gone broke had I bought it all right then!

But when I went to pay for the TWO gifts I did buy, as I was standing at the counter I noticed these nice little decorated rectangle -shaped pieces of cardboard with writing on them. Yes - did you know that stores frequently provide you with convienent "cards" with all the necessary contact information on them?? So, I thought, I could just write, on the back of this card what I wanted to get and for whom...and then when I forget their birthday, i'll know exactly where to go! Hooray!

Daryl had the brilliant idea of including the price of the object (bah!!) and storing them in a little receipt folder, by month (the month of the persons birthday)....haven't gone that far yet, but I'm working on a way to avoid loosing/forgetting the cards ;-) .

So that's my little story. I was pretty proud of myself...maybe others' have been doing this for ages and I just caught on to the point of business cards???



Magdalen said...

Oh what a cool idea! How come I didn't think of that?
I really enjoyed our talk today. Snuggle the kitten for me.
I miss you a lot.

T. said...

Miss you too! I'll pass along the snuggles to Bastet..if she'll let me ;-)

Magdalen said...

Hmm, think it's time for an update here, chickadee.
How's Daryl feeling?