Saturday, May 13, 2006

New Hair!

I did it! I got my hair cut. So here is the BEFORE:

This is me with my old haircut

And here is the ....AFTER!!

This is me with my new hair
Make-up all gone at the end of the day look in the after picture , but the hair is fab. My only regret is that I didn't book time for coloring. Hanna is far and beyond the BEST hair dresser I've ever had. SO good. You know what was great too - I took in a few pictures to give her an idea, but I wasn't sure what would work with my hair. She explained what would and wouldn't and why and suggested this, and she was right on the ball. She takes so much time making sure it's just right, I was in the chair for almost two hours simply b/c she was taking all the time to make sure that every little bit was perfect. Anyhoo...needless to say I'm happy. Not sure if there will be time for the coloring before I go to Atlanta but we'll see.

So, once again I have spent much too much time on non-essential things. Well, I guess that's a matter of opinion. I slept in and hung out with Daryl this my hair cut, then went for a long walk to the mall....wandered around, shopped a bit...came home, emailed and marked for about an hour, had dinner and somehow it's now almost 11. I did do some marking ..but still way behind! I'm so unmotivated to get things done right now. I think it's because it is SO beautiful and sunny makes me feel like I'm on holiday! Well....that stack of marking is still looming so off I go.


Magdalen said...

WOW!! Beautiful!! I love it, totally. Thanks for posting a picture.
Off I go to post an update, as per your request.

Magnificent M said...


macrina younger said...

Tyla, it looks great - and I should have noticed it when we drove you to church, but didn't! Arrrrrgh! I am sooo blind! But yeah - you look terrific in the photo. And the orchids are wonderful!

Magdalen said...

I'm house-sitting. It's REALLY quiet in this house.
love ya!!

Sarah said...

It's so very, very pretty!