Thursday, May 18, 2006

The cheese man and poster panic

There is a "happy" and a "GGRRAAHHH" for this post. First the as to end on a postive note.

Poster panic has completely taken over my life. It is MUCH to long a story to replay here..but the last two days have been a series of "OH NO!" momennts. Feedback not in from profs on time, poster can't be printed in time at UVic, poster can be printed at staples...poster cannot (no I'm sorry we were wrong) be printed at staples...mad all night editing, last minute trip to print shop. Yes, I signed the proof at 5:32 - the print shop closed at 5:30. I was on the computer in the print shop making the final modifications until 5:29. So, for better or worse, it is being printed, and should be ready tomorrow at 5. Please pray I don't have any type-os or huge mistakes.

I'm very scared, b/c the prof who supervised my research REALLY wanted me to do the poster in a different format. And I did it this way (which my argument goes the way all the posters at the conference are done, and more professional looking...not to mention that a)HE suggested this format monthes ago, and b) re-doing it right now would take at least 15 hours of my life that I DO NOT have. So I have, for only the second time in my life NOT taken his advice and direction. I'm very afraid, as the first time I did this it involved applying for MA programs rather than PHd programs (he said again and again to apply for PhD programs)and it was a HUGE it messed up my funding and visa situations. So, here's to hoping that this time (please, please, please) I made the right call!!

"Happy" note - We have a cheese man.

Meet Manu: .
He comes around all the business buildings downtown (including Daryl's) every month or so. That's how we found him.

I haven't tried the pates, but Daryl brought home some of his cheese for the second time last night, and I tell you this is the BEST cheese ever. Last night it was AMAZING triple cream brie, fantastic blue stilton (see last post), and the most tasty and creamy goat cheese I've ever had. So, we disregarded all responsibilities (see above: Poster panic later ensued) and sat on the patio with the cheese, bread, wine, olives, apples and pears, and pecans and had a wonderful dinner. Cept then we started talking about school and what the heck we're going to do and turns out one bottle of wine is not enough for that type of conversation!!!

So, now onto the marking (SO much - due by tomorrow morning! Bye bye sleep!) But first some left over cheese and a glass of wine to strengthen me.


Anonymous said...

No, I actually did not bring home this wonderful cheese. I completely forgot it at work and, due to the nature of the awesomeness of the cheese, had to go back to work to get it. (Also because I knew that doing so would please my wife.)

T. said...

Awww..I just found this :-) I didn't realize you'd posted. Not very "anonymous" lol!!!