Friday, May 12, 2006

Haircuts and scary timelines

So, in looking at the upcoming week, I realized that I am leaving for the mainland in 8 days. I'll be at a wedding, then two days later flying to Atlanta for a conference. I cannot possibly enumerate all the things there are to do before that point! AH!

Problem: Need proffessional clothes, of which my supply is limited as I work with children and crawl on the floor all day.
Solution: OK, so I bought two skirts and two tank tops the other day...which helps a bit. But - today I wandered through Jacob in search of a substitute for a really expensive but nice jacket (professional looking of course) I found at another store that wasn't in my size, and was too expensive. Yep, found one at Jacob, in my size, but even MORE expensive and not as nice at numerous other clothing items and left :-(

Problem: Poster session and Workshop to prepare. I've started both, barely. But just realized I have to have the poster signed sealed and delivered to the print shop by Monday or Tuesday to have it done before I go!! AH! Workshop - what I have together so far is bare bones and really desperate need of revisions and additions.

Problem: Evil stack of marking glaring at me and refusing to shrink.
Solution: Maybe I could just give everyone A's...or B's that's more belivable?? No...I think I'll have to mark it.

And travel insurance, shoes, jacket, packing for wedding and conference all at once, wedding present, etc etc etc...ah well and I have no idea how I will pay for all of this?!? I will be paying off the last 5 years of my life for the next 20 with all the student loans and flights for interviews and conferences etc. See, the problem with these conferences is that many of the people there are professionals, with real money (or at least really good credit!) and the rest of us, who are still part or full time students or between degrees have live like they do for a week even though we don't have the money! K, we don'thave to, but with the schedule of events it's tough to leave the hotel. Add hotel to almost all meals out to flight and social events (which really ARE necessary in terms of talking with people etc) and you have a stinking high price tag. You WANT to go and really soak it up and see all the excellent presentations and meet and talk to everyone you can, but all of that entails needing to look presentable, purchasing food and drink, not to mention paying for the trip! I'm really concerned about the spending - It is SO hard to keep costs low with these types of trips. ANYhoo...will try to keep it low and M and I have great plans for buying breakfast goods at a grocery store etc...So hopefully we can pull it off.

So, VERY big bright spot - Getting a haricut tomorrow. I've been growing my hair out for a long time. It's the longest it's been in I think like 8-10 years. I need a change though...and it's pretty fried on the ends. SO, I'm thinking of going shorter again. We'll see. I could be a whole different person tomorrow! I'm going to Hanna, the first good hairdresser I've found in Vic. I'm sure she'll theink of something good.

Must go look for hairstyles online and get to bed. That marking awaits me in the morning.


Magnificent M said...

ugh. sharing your stress babe. Can't believe its 1.5 weeks away. Have hair cut scheduled, nails and pedicure (totally not required but all of my heels are "sexy" shoes so kind of necessary) and have no $. No clothes that suit the bill... am so stressed.

Oh and have so NOT completed my poster prep work, tonnes of programs and reports to write, tonnes of work to do.. and now am realizing I probably too must get my poster stuff to print shop within days!

Mother of pearl, I am going to hurl!! But ohhh, so excited.

We'll do cheapo breakfasts, lunches and then enjoy our dinners. we won't be able to go far like we did in toronto. Last year I barely went outside the hotel the entire time as we did every single event to the max.

Gotta get my flask!!!

its a long flight... you, me... does your ipod have a spot for more earphones? 5 of us crazy women on the plane this time! 5 crazy women in the airport! Ah sweet! this is going to be the best vacation, I mean professional conference, ever!!!

Behavior analysis, sun (it is georgia after all) drinks and good laughs! oh and a sleepover every night! Its the PERFECT vacation!

T. said...

I KNOW..Am super excited too...but also seriously worried about $$ and REALLY nervous about the presentations. BUT at least our workshop is first thing Sat am so it will be done early. I need shoes and am debating the pedicure manicure (I've NEVER had either!!)...we'll see. Yes, it is going to be an INSANE trip! So many of us this time. I checked the weather in Atlanta and it's sitting at about 22 degrees and all sun sun sun this week - excellent!

Magdalen said...

Well, amid all the stress and money worries, make sure you at least stop to enjoy it all. You're going to have a fantastic time. Make sure to chronicle the whole thing on your blog for us. Oh, and your sister-in-law's wedding too! I'm sorry I have to miss it.
How's our insane cat? Pulled any more curtains down lately?