Saturday, September 08, 2007

Produce fun

One of the great things about the trip to Osoyoos is that we returned with loads of produce. I'm loving it.

I made a peach/apple crisp the other night, and yummy yummy roasted tomatoes to go with a pesto pasta. The tomatoes were fresh romas from the produce stand, cut in half drizzled with olive oil, sprinkled with salt and pepper and herbs and roasted under the broiler. SOooo yummy.

I just finished skinning and cutting up peaches to freeze (peach bonanza this winter!), and started putting together three peach crisps to bake and freeze for later. I'm now roasting red peppers and more tomatoes to make a ridiculous quantity of roasted red pepper and tomato soup. I think I'll be freezing lots of that too. I think it could double as tomato sauce later on too.

I love preparing large quantities of food with the knowlege that three months from now when peaches are 3.00 each I'll be able to have yummy peach smoothies and crisp.

Looking through all my soup recipes makes me excited for (dare I say it) fall and I can make yummy hearty soups and comfort foods. Mmm..but I'll keep enjoying the fresh produce while it lasts, don't get me wrong!

What about my school and work I had planned to get ahead on this weekend....ahem...ask me tomorrow at 11pm.

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Magnificent M said...

that is what is so great about fall... bountiful harvest but still nice weather. You can get away with big cooking in the morning or evening and yet enjoy sunshine during the day. I would say that the first week of October/last week of September is my all time favorite time... crisp weather, yummy apples, pretty pumpkins cropping up, squash, time for soups, sweaters and jeans. The leaves turn... it is all very beautiful and the food is all still very good and cheap. I plan on doing a big stock up on produce on the way home from our trip to Osoyoos in October too and we may go up one more time in September.