Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I think I'm turning into a perpetual whiner

Well...as everyone seems to be right now I'm totally sick! Lame! I started to get a sore throat Saturday during the day, and by Sat night was totally stuffed up with the cold/flu everyone has had lately. It's this darn September time period. Everyone is run down, getting back to school, back into work after holidays, trying to catch up with everything. So, the last couple of days I've a)Watched way too much TV, b) Bombed at least one, probably 2 tests, c) Gotten more behind of school and work and research than I was before, d) eaten a lot of soup e) possibly my favorite -eaten a lot of fudgsicles and creamsicles f)been a little loopy due to all the cold medicine, which I think is partly responsible for (b) above.

Stupid Cold.


Magnificent M said...

stupid, stupid cold! we are a mess! I think that is telling us something?!?! Perhaps our september's shoudln't be like this??!!! stupid september

Magnificent M said...

I am laughing about your title... you may be whining but I think I'm whining more!!! We always lead parallel lives to some degree. LOL! You know what, September is almost over. I hate september (new thing). kind of sad because it used to be my favorite month. Now I know why SD has a spa week in november and says "no one calls me!!!"