Friday, September 21, 2007

A night off.

I had an unplanned night off today. After my 12 hour day out of the house, I simply couldn't face more work and video-scoring and studying, no matter how far behind I was. So, I stopped on my way home and got a bottle of wine and take-home pizza. We had pizza and wine and D. and I sat and talked for a good 2 hours.

I packed it in for the night, and decided to forget everything and just spend the evening with my husband. It was a good decision :-). I feel better already.

Unfortunately, I realized, after business hours were over today (Friday), that I had accidentally booked myself for both a meeting and work at the same time as I am supposed to be writing two exams on Monday. Crap. The problem is, I had requested the exam times, but becuase they hadn't been confirmed, I had only noted them on the "notes" page in my dayplanner, and not entered them into my actual daily schedule. Now that they have been confirmed, I realize I have booked in other things at the same time. And have only done about half the reading and none of the studying for them. UG. The moral is, always at least "pencil in" essential items if you are as ridiculously dependent on your dayplanner as I am. Nothing I can do about it till Monday morning though, aside from figure out what exactly I'll beg the testing centre for when I call Monday morning, or who I'll have to try to reschedule with on no notice. Ah!

But, again, very little I can do until the testing centre opens on Monday morning, so, I'll put it aside for now, and finish taking the night off, and go to my Church event tomorrow, and then deal with the stress and anxiety later. I figure I'm stressed and anxious most of the time anyways, so if not attending to this particular anxiety-producing event right now means I'll be anxious later, it really doesn't make any difference...good thinking??? No??? Sigh (as D. would say).

I've also decided not to check my school email until Sunday night when I'm planning to have scored the video for my research. If I don't check my email, then the emails from my prof asking where my data is won't stress me out....right? Ummm...maybe? Even as I type that though, I am seriously driven to open another tab and just quickly check my email. Ah!

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Magnificent M said...

this was me last weekend. I sat down to work and realized I was compeltely incapable of any thought. Sat there staring at the computer until I finally gave up and took an unplanned day off.