Friday, September 28, 2007

Healthy soon, please!

Well, after a mighty full work week of being sick, and total exhaustion and sick-of-being-sickness kicked in today, I went to the doctor after work. Thank goodness for walk in clinics! As seems to be the norm for me now, my cold turned into a sinus infection. The good part is that that means I'll get better now, because I have antibiotics :-).

I asked the doctor, "Okay, so I always get sinus infections whenever I get sick. Is there anything I can do to prevent colds from turning into them?? He looks at me and says "Well, there is a concoction that works for some people who have recurring sinusitis, let me get you the recipe." Hmmm..."concoction" and "recipe." Those two words are a bit concerning.

So, he comes back with a paper with the following written on it:

3 tsp salt (canning salt - non-iodized)
1 tsp Baking soda
in 250 cc of water.

Bulb syringe 3 times per day."

So I looked at this, and looked at him and said "Bulb syringe?" He smiled. I frowned and said "So that's like a ...." and he said "Turkey Baster." "Oh" He then informed me that I should "shoot as much of it up there as you can, and breath in through your nose." Great. Nice. Lovely. I commented on the exciting Friday night I had ahead of me, and he commented on how he felt it was better than the movies any day!

So, I filled my prescription and went to the "kitchen gadgets" isle of the grocery store. I looked and thought at first they didn't carry turkey basters (PHEW!). Then I spotted one. Okay - so, turkey basters are much larger than I remember. So, the baster and the recipe are sitting on the kitchen table. I don't know if I can do it. OOK.

Maybe a bit TMI for you all, but the recipe, concoction and turkey baster were too amusing to me to keep to myself.

So, here's to hoping the antibiotics kick in before I can bring myself to baste.


coramie said...

You realize that if you breathe it up your nose, you'll be spitting it out your mouth....ooook is right, in fact it's pretty much an eeewwww!!! Do you have to do this on a regular basis...or just when you have a cold? Is it time for an "Aw Hon" yet?

Sarah said...

So! Didja do it? Was it SOOO gross?
I'm sorry to hear you're still sick! Get well soon, hon!

biss said...

Like godfather, like goddaughter.

P. has a blue bulb syringe that he found in the pharmacy section of (I think) the grocery store. Same function as the turkey baster, only I never confuse it with the turkey baste and use it for food.

I still don't understand why or how anyone can do that, but I suppose if you're sick....