Monday, April 02, 2007

Warning - Whining ahead!

1. Guest lecture to do tomorrow at UVIC that I haven't prepared for? _ CHECK
2. 20 Page paper due Wednesday, that I haven't barely started? _ CHECK
3. Nasty cold that everyone else has had finally gets me? _CHECK
4. Slice open my thumb with a bread knife? _CHECK (actually it's almost healed now, but adding it in added to the drama of this post ;-).

I had a test today, but rescheduled for tomorrow after my presentation because I just can't leave the house today (really, you don't want me to, I'm exhuding germs). That leaves me pretty much with today to write my entire paper. And prepare the presentation. Except that I'm litterally holding a tissue to my nose 99% of the time. arg. oi. I think (i know) that my normal grade range is going to be destroyed this semester. I actually sat and calculated my marks to see what I needed to do to squeek by and get the marks I need to be allowed to continue taking courses. I've never in my life done that. I would just like this semester to end, and the next one to start, so I can have a clean slate. Ch-choo bad grades.

WAIT - can I complain some more? No just kidding...What a whiner I am. I am such a complete BABY when I'm sick though. I am capable of nothing but whining and complaining and demanding things (like orange juice and tea) from those around me when I'm sick. Poor poor D.


Magnificent M said...

chalk it up to the joys of doing your masters online... you don't have the stimulus control of a classroom and face to face interactions to crack the metaphorical whip for you. So your first semester isn't grand, you'll make up for it in later semesters. I had a horrible first semester too. The lawsuit decision happened in Ottawa and that was devastating, I was working too many hours, my family life essentially exploded because I was stretched too thin.... it was gross. And I swear those 1 million tests with a million different dates didn't help!!! But being a behavior analyst, I learned a lot and made the changes i needed to make. You will too. Life goes on, even when you get a B. I have great faith that you will be able to make your next semester better. And hey, cut yourself a break you've been through HUGE life changes this last 8 months! Wow, most people would cave under that!! Here's what you gotta do... go watch some 90210 and drink some tea :-) LOL!

Simply Victoria said...

what a crazy whirlwind life you guys lead! traipsing to and fro about the continent! I'm glad you're home. I pray you get well soon and that the semester ends quickly and painlessly! :):)

Sarah said...

I hope you feel better soon. If your cold is anything like the one I had/still seem to have, then I feel very, very sorry for you. It's not fun when you're sick, and can't be sick because you have a million other things that need to be done. But good luck with your lecture tomorrow. Do you have a strong cold medicine to get you through the day?