Friday, March 30, 2007

Office time!!

We scored (again) on craigslist! We haven't set up our offices really yet, because we have almost no shelving to put everything on (apparently we have a lot of books and things that need to be shelved). There was an add on craigslist yesterday though - someone selling a slew of (8 in total) Ikea shelving units! We bought 6 of them - two super tall bookshelves, two medium height ones, and two deeper shorter ones. So we now have enough places to put our office stuff. When we'll actually get to putting it all together I don't know.

I also caved, and after much debate, and weeks of investigation, bought a new lap top. I had planned on getting one when we got back, due to the horrendous slowness and incapability of my current one (it is about 5-6 years old, and we have to re-install windows about every 6 months to keep it running at all - I'm talking 2-4 minutes to open a word or adobe document!), and the amount of things I need it for now (school online, work on the comp, presentations). After the move though, I wanted to try to wait because of course, the second move stretched us financially. (Most of you who know me well know my laptop woes and will be shouting "hooray for the new laptop" and envisioning me chucking the old one out a 5th story window). Anyways -I have a presentation next week at which I need to show video etc, and my laptop just can't do it, so I didn't have much choice...

So, I have shelving, and a laptop. Now to get the paper and the presentation done this weekend and keep myself from wanting to spend the whole weekend re-organizing office and computer files. Oi! I think I can do it though, since the paper and presentation are both at the crucial "there's no more time procrastinate, you can do nothing else but eat sleep and breathe this project until it's done" stage. I picked the wrong topic for the paper, couldn't find the articles I needed, and now can think of 5 other things I'd be more interested in, and have better articles for...but alas, the due date for our topic was in February, so there's no time to change it now!!!

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Magnificent M said...

Yay a new laptop!!! and shelving! gotta love craigs list. so many good things! I am about this close to buying myself a new laptop too... this time I am getting a Mac. I am done with windows.