Monday, March 12, 2007

Long time coming...

Well, I've now been home a full week, and finally am blogging. It's been a bit overwhelming, and a bit crazy, and a lot of wonderful coming home.

Our little apartment is working out really well for us (or will be, once it has furniture in it lol!), we have a vehicle (thanks to some very generous friends), and both have jobs. My work stuff is still getting rolling, is all disorganized and hasn't settled in yet -which of course is making me batty, but it will all settle in in a month or so.

The homecoming was good, but hectic. I ended up having to make an impromptu trip to the interior to pick up a bunch of our stuff from my parents (my wonderful father in law came with me...ok really I went with him, since he drove and I slept), visited my nephew who is adorable and so old now, and had a stellar evening with Magnificent M. It was a fabulous night out, then came home to Victoria the next day. There wasn't time for anything else!

I just registered for the ABA (Association for Behavior Analysis) conference, which is in San Diego in May. I'm really excited about that - not sure how I'll pay for the flight yet, but then, maybe we'll just get a van and write "ABA OR BUST!!!" on the side and drive down in

It is beautiful and sunny in Vic today, so I think I may go explore my new neighborhood after I get some studying in. There are lots of walking trails and parks around here. The rec center is close by as well. I'm excited to be back in the land of rec centers. There were NO rec centers in MA!?! You know here, every city has a few places with a pool, weight room, cardio room, sometimes ice rink, and offers all kinds of fitness and swim classes. You can drop in for somewhere between 2 and 5 dollars. There was NOTHING like that in MA! It was a full gym membership, or a 14.00 drop in fee at the YMCA. So, i'm happy to be able to return to the gym and rec center classes. One step at a time though!


Magnificent M said...

Glad to hear you are settling in! How's that beautiful brown bathroom treatin ya?! I watched an episode of 90210 a few minutes ago. It wasn't the same without you. As for ABA, I'm all about the roadtrip baby! That would be some serious fun! I still love your idea from last year with our posters attached to the sides of the van... lol! Nothing says drive faster like an ascending graph!

Anonymous said...

The bathroom rocks my world. What are YOU talking about.

I saw 90210 the other day too, and thought of you! What does that say about our friendship.

You SERIOUSLY just made my day - you are getting a T-shirt that says "Nothing says drive faster like an ascending graph" as a random present from me, and you will HAVE to wear it at some point on our ABA trip. Maybe to sea world? lol!