Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Drowning in the soup...

No no, not to worry, I was not, as some have suspected eaten by the soup :-). I've just been totally consumed with work and school and preparing presentations and mannuals and all sorts of things. Trying as well, in the midst of it all to get the apartment sorted out.

I made big progress on Friday last week. It was supposed to be my work at home, get caught up day. I went to the computer, looked out into the livingroom, at the unassembled futon, the boxes, the piles of flat pack Ikea goods. I knew right then that I would be getting no work of any kind done. So, I spent the entire day unpacking and setting up Ikea furniture, unpacking boxes etc. By the end of the day we had a living room. A sparse one, and there were now more boxes in my office, but we had a living room. A couch, a coffee table, lamp, some candles, a TV, bookshelf, side tables, and comfy throw blankets. That is enough for me for now.

The unpacking of our offices has stalled somewhat. Daryl's because we've realized we didn't buy him any shelving at all, and he can't really upack boxes until he has it. Mine, because his computer is in my room while we're sharing it, and while we're getting things organized, and because the excess boxes are in my office right now.

So, we're plugging along. I am thankful to have a cozy place and to have some semblance of an apartment set up now. I think it just feels like we arrived running behind and can't quite catch up!! Daryl is working lots, and I'm super busy between work and school, and all the other work/school related side things I have going, so it's just a bit challenging catching up with everything!

Anyhoo :-) I think I might make more soup tonight, from a great book my mom bought for me called The Mediterranean Diet. It's a chick pea soup (maybe I have a thing with Chick peas?), but this time with fennel and orange peel and tomatoe etc. It sounds really interesting. So I"ll see :-) I"ll post if it's good.

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Magnificent M said...

ummm, am loving the "no no". I am the same way about not being able to work when things are chaotic. if it makes you feel any better, that feeling of being perma behind is a perma thing in this job. Its good times my friend, good times!! My to do list is so long I need to write a to do list to organize it. yeah. I'm that cool