Monday, April 09, 2007

Christ is Risen!!

It was a wonderful Pascha!!

I do have a funny annecdote though. I put on a white skirt to wear to the Paschal service, and thought "hmm this is a bit loose" but continued on, as I was in a rush. When I got to Church I realized it was REALLY loose, and that what had happened was that half of the elastic in the waist had lost it's elastic, or broken or something. So, I found a safety pin and tightened it up and safety-pinned it.

I went out of the sanctuary part way through the service, and when I came back in, and was almost at the front of the Church (with NUMEROUS people behind me), D.'s sister (who was at Pascha with us, along with her husband) grabbed me by the arm and whispered "Pull up your skirt!!!" Yes, mhmm, so I reached behind me to pull it up, thinking "ok ok!! geeze, it's just a little baggy" only to realize that I could feel NO skirt on my bottom, just my slip. So I reached further down, and yes, my skirt was thankfully still there, it had just slid down almost completely off my bottom. Needless to say I hitched up the skirt, ran downstairs, and found some more safety pins to remedy the situation. Thank goodness for my SIL!!

That aside, it was a beautiful, wonderful Paschal service, despite a little rain for the procession.


coramie said...

Indeed He is risen!!

Simply Victoria said...

Indeed He is Risen!

the church looks so pretty! you guys on the island have such a high sense of aesthetics.
have a wonderful bright week!

Magnificent M said...

looks very beautiful... I am stuck however on the image of you letting it all fall down in front of everyone. That would so be me!!!

Magdalen said...

*gasp*! Oh gee, Ty! What did you do, pray for humility or something?? You know better than that, don't you?!
Well, I'm glad it was a joyful pascha, slight wardrobe malfunction aside. Miss you tonnes!