Monday, April 02, 2007

I love licorice tea

A warm, sweet, comforting wonderfully yummy tea it is. It's my sick tea of choice today.

My favorite licorice tea is Stash licorice. Though to be honest I haven't tried many others.


Magnificent M said...

hope you are feeling better and that you have finished the paper, the presentation and the test!!

T. said...

Lol, had to cancel presentation and postpone test due to unstoppable nose running. Horrid and icky - not the discrete kind.

Am about 3/4 way through the paper. Handing it in tomorrow, and writing postponed test tomorrow.

Magnificent M said...

ack, you poor thing! I had that bug... after the fun vomiting episode I spent the following week producing enough mucus to fill a lake. it was gross. hope you feel better soon!