Thursday, April 05, 2007

Catch Up

Today was a catch up day. After being sick and out of commission for a few days, I had lots to catch up on. I'm feeling much better today - still sick, but just feeling SO much better than the last few days.

I ended up cancelling the presentation I was supposed to do on Tuesday, and did get the paper mailed off on the Wednesday (definately not my best work, but it's done), and attempted writing the test I had rescheduled for Wenesday at 3:30 PM. See, the tests I write are available for 3 days only, and on the third day the testing period ends at 5pm. Wednesday was the third day for this course. What I had forgotten is that it ends at 5pm Minnesota time, which is 3pm my time. So, I couldn't write the test. That was unfortunate.

I spent the first 3/4's of the day baking prosphora. I made a total of 10 loaves, 6 of which turned out well. Two had bubbles right under the seal, and on two of them the seal stretched out too much. It was a good long day of prosphora baking though.

I also cleaned the house, did a bit more unpacking, did laundry, caught up on some work that had been stacking up, had a phone meeting with my supervisor, and attacked my email inbox.

I was exhausted by the end of the day though, and my body was reminding me I'm still sick!! But it does feel really good to be a bit caught up.

My father in law came into town tonight and we picked him up, and tomorrow we're doing another whirlwind mainland trip. My nephew's birthday is tomorrow, and it's his first birthday, so we're going over just for that, going to good Friday service on the mainland, then wisking back here Saturday morning with my mother in law to get ready for Pascha.

Boring post, I know..nothing interesting to post about today though, just day-to-dayness.


Magdalen said...

Hello beautiful!
Thought I'd check in cause I miss you so. Have a wonderful Pascha! Can I call on Sunday?

Magnificent M said...

The fact that you were practicing jazz lunges while making prosphora amuses me even more. Hope your weekend goes better than your week! Call me if you have any spare time while over here!!!