Thursday, April 12, 2007

To do

Well, work is a bit scarce for me this week, which is good and bad. There are transitions happening all over the place, and my regular schedule just hasn't settled in yet. This is concerning financially, but is good I think in that I kind of needed the catch up time. But, it is easy, when feeling overwhelmed to do nothing constructive with almost a full day off. So here's my attempt at actually getting something done and not just flipping between HGTV and TLC all day ;-).

To do:

- Study.
- unpack all boxes left, and decide where it's all going to go
- put up pictures
- call about insurance claims on stuff that broke in the mail.
- Figure out who to call about the funny error message I keep getting when I turn on my computer.
- Go for a walk/jog

Later in the day I'll be doing some work out of the house.

I'll let you know what I get accomplished.


biss said...

So...did you get it all done?

T. said...

Ummm....Everything except the walk and the studying. So not too bad. Though of course the studying and the walk were probably the more important things :-)