Thursday, July 05, 2007

Very Brief Hello

I feel like a bad "blogger." I've been SO completely non-blogging lately. It is only due to a major time cruch at the moment. I'm taking a very few brief moments to post an update.

  1. Right now I'm sipping an excellent home-made bialetti americano. It is regenerating me for the evening of work ahead.
  2. I saw one of my closest friends get married this past weekend. I also got to spend a lot of time with friends I don't see often, which was a wonderful blessing. The wedding was beautiful, and the couple looked SO happy!
  3. I had to, at the last minute (right before leaving for the weekend) competely change my practicum project. Ah! This meant re-doing several assigments related to it. My understanding prof has given me some extra time to complete them, but they were due..ahem...Monday. And it's Thursday. Oi!
  4. I've had an inordinate amount of out-of-the-house work this week, which has meant that completing (3) above has been extremely difficult.
  5. But, tonight I've decided to work until I'm caught up. Hence the americano.
  6. I am longing for Saturday. My parents gave me a fabulous waffle maker for my birthday, and no matter what Saturday will involve a) Sleeping in, b) Pajamas till late, c)Waffles, d) Strawberries, e) whipping cream, and f) Reading the book I borrowed from my mother-in-law.
  7. Ooh, this americano is so good.
  8. D. is out picking up boxes from a friend. That means packing again soon (ah!). But I am SO ready to be moved into our new house, now that the weather is nice (beach and above-ground living, here I come!).
  9. I'm feeling unhealthy - too much bad food, to much time in front of the computer, not enough exercise...must make changes (I'm sure there will be a post on the weekend about just that ;-).
  10. This must be the end, as my practicum work, and all the other work I have neglected is awaiting me.

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Magnificent M said...

I feel your pain and I can totally relate.