Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Thai Coffee

I had this amazing Thai iced coffee at a restaurant once. It was so creamy and sweat, but still had a good strong coffee flavor, with interesting spices. I saw a recipe for this in my Cooking Light cookbook, and made a modified version of it. It is seriously HEAVENLY, even though I didn't have the true cardamon to put in, and I made it hot instead of cold.

Here's the Cooking Light Recipe:

1/4 Cup hot espresso or very strong brewed coffee
5 teaspoons fat-free sweetened condensed milk,
2 tablespoons hot water
dash of cardamon

Combine all ingredients, stir well. Cool completely; chilll in refrigerator. Serve over ice. Yeild 1 serving.

I made it warm, used a little more espresso, a little less SCM, and I used a combination of nutmeg and cinnamon instead of cardamon. It was SOOooooo tasty. A wonderful mid-afternoon pick-me-up treat.

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