Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A low key day.

Today was a nice low-key day. Still busy, I had lots today, but it was one of those increasingly rare work-at-home days. I spent most of the morning working on my practicum, went for a run, had lunch, and then went out to catch up on the increasing pile of reading for my other classes. I started at a cafe (for a much-needed pick me up), then moved to the park to sit in the sun and read. I figure between running in the sun and doing my reading in the sun, maybe I can get some kind of a tan. Lol!

Tonight I'll make fish tacos for dinner, then get back to studying and try to get some work done. This is kind of a boring post...but I'm trying to keep up the blogging, since everyone (myself included) aside from Magnificent M seems to have been side-tracked by Facebook and neglecting their blogging duties. Tsk Tsk.

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biss said...

how do you make fish tacos