Monday, July 30, 2007

Room to breathe.

We did it! We are here, in our new place. I'm sitting on the futon on the floor in the livingroom (where we slept last night) and thinking that despite the boxes and clutter of moving, I am already completely in love with our new home. It FEELS like home. I feel like I can breathe again, like now I want to have a summer, and want to get up in the morning (though I was NOT pleased when I woke up at 5:15 am after only an hour or two of sleep).

My favorite things about our new home:
1) It is so BRIGHT. So much LIGHT!!
2) It is private - it is a two-floor semi-detached suite, very private, and no worries about being too loud, or people walking by your windows all the time.
3) There are nice little details like nice (compared to typical apartments ) light fixtures, stained glass (but tasteful, not the tacky kind) windows.
4) We will have room for a regular sized table in the kitchen again!! Yay! Who's coming for dinner first :-)
5) The fridge is ENORMOUS.
6) We have a full size stove, and lots of cupboard space.
7) We have in suite laundry.
8) It's two floors, so it feels more like a house.
9) It is only 2 blocks from a neat little village, and only a couple more blocks to a beautiful beach and the OCEAN!!!

It was maddness yesterday...we had planned to pack up the moving van Sat night (the first load) then go to Church in the morning on Sunday, then after Church pack up the pathfinder and move it all over, then come back for a second load. I had a panic attack Sunday morning, saying we'd be moving it 1am if we didn't start right away. So, we decided to get going on the packing and moving immediately. The end result being, we still weren't returning the truck till 9:30 pm!! We had completely not thought about getting anyone to help us at all...and didn't realize how much longer it takes when there's just two of you! So, we fit it all into two vanloads and two pathfinder loads.

After the moving, we went to some friends for late night decaf coffee. It was just what we needed at the end of the day. We sat and had coffee and chatted till 11:30 or so, then came home and got the essentials set up, and tried to crash ( but neither of us slept).

We have NOTHING set up. Which of course is driving me crazy, because now it's Monday and we have to work! I would soooo love 3-4 days at home right now, because I have a) unpacking and setting up to do and b) Harry potter to read (thanks to Arwen)!

Bastet is having way too much fun with the new place. She was being a brat all night, getting into boxes, scaling bookshelves, tearing up and down the stairs and doing acrobats on them trying to scratch them. Getting into EVERYTHING.

So...we are happily back in the fold of lovely Oak Bay, and I feel like I once again have some room to breathe.

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coramie said...

I am sooo happy for you!! I have this picture of you in my mind sitting crosslegged on the futon typing away furiously!! Life back in Victoria for the two of you can now begin in have come home :-). Yayyyy!!!!