Thursday, July 19, 2007

Snakes and bunnies and rain and dog poop

I'm trying to get back on the running band wagon, and yesterday was my second day out. It was pouring rain when I wanted to go, but warm, and I had planned to shower afterwards anyways, so I decided to still go.

There were bunnies everywhere on the trail, and on my way back home I just about stepped on two snakes!! The first one was literally practically under foot and when I saw it I leaped about 2 feet in the air and screamed.

The rain was actually nice, I didn't mind it. My body is quite sore after two days...even at a very slow pace, but it's just my muscles getting back into it.

One thing that DID bother me on my jog, as it always does, was the following phenomenon:

There, sitting on the side of the trail, is a little pink, green, blue or clear bag. It has a knot tied at the top. It is dog poop. Here is what bothers me - if you're going to let your dog poop on the trail, ok - as long as it's off to the side it doesn't bother me that much (PLEASE get them to go off to the side), if you're going to package up and dispose of your dog's poop, even better - thank you!! But, why on earth would you package it up and leave it there. It's in a plastic bag - it cannot decompose. So, by leaving it there, packaged up in a plastic bag, you are assuming that someone else will pick it up and dispose of it. That's a little presumptuous. Besides, isn't the grossest part the actual bagging of the poop? Once that's done, isn't it easy to put it in a garbage can? If you don't want to pick it up, then make sure they poop on the side of the trail and leave it so it can decompose (this is a bit gross though), or just pick it up. Don't package it up in PLASTIC, then leave it there. This makes no sense.

Okay, that's it :-)


coramie said...

I know that some people, rather than carry it all through their walk, will leave the dog poop bag to pick up on their way back, as long as they remember....Dad has done that on occasion. Good to hear there are still garter snakes around tho...they are so good for the garden and the environment in general.

Magnificent M said...

That makes more sense... afterall leaving poop in a plastic bag in the summer heat would be REALLY scary after a few days!

Anonymous said...
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