Friday, June 22, 2007

It was a good day.

Two years ago my husband got me the best birthday present...I love hydrangeas. They were one of my wedding flowers, and are one of my favorite flowers. So, he bought me a giant potted hydrangea. I LOVED this plant. It represented how well my husband knows me, and how good he is at choosing gifts for me :-), and it's a hydranga!

When we moved to MA, I had to part with it, and gave it to a friend. After we returned, I was at her house and saw it sitting on the balcony and was sad. I missed it, it was special. I know the friend would have said "yes take it for sure!!" in a second had I just asked, but you know....

So, this year, on my birthday, guess what D. Did? He got it back! He knew that a new one wouldn't do, that I wanted THAT one back. It was quite a while ago that I mentioned to him how much I wished I could have it back, and he remembered! So, I have my beloved hydrangea back. AND we went for a wonderful dinner at my favorite place - Blighty's Bistro. I stubbornly insisted that we go for dinner despite the fact that I was totally sick! I think we need to go back when I can taste the food and not feel sick after eating! lol.

It was a good birthday. I have a wonderful husband.


Magnificent M said...

that is so sweet. You DO have a wonderful hubby! and he plays catan too so that makes me really like him ;-) I also like that he says ch-chaw

biss said...

Happy Birthday!!!

(My word verification says "smenita." I like it!)