Friday, June 01, 2007

Home sweet home

Well after that smattering of video, I should say that I'm glad to be home, but I had an excellent time in San Diego.

1. I learned A LOT. I felt more than any year before that I really came home with things I could use and apply in my work.
2. Tons o Mexican! And tons o margaritas! We had some seriously good mexican food, and lots of margaritas. Yay for happy hour!!
3. I went to Trader Joes! M. was willing to accomodate my need to take the bus for 30 minutes to get to a trader joes. I thought I might cry when I walked in the doors. Lol!
4. Got hassled by customs going both directions! Lame.
5. NO flight delays what so ever!! No getting stuck in Chicago for hours on end. Excellent.
6. Spilled red wine or food on every white clothing item I wore.
7. Beautiful pool deck with fire pits, pool, and hot tubs that I loved!
8. I drank a ridiculous quantity of airborne in an effort to keep myself from getting sick....didn't pan out - I'm totally sick now!! But at least it wasn't too bad while I was there.

It was a very good trip, and was the most fun, most relaxing, and most educative ABA conference so far! Pics are here.

Now back to work and catching up on school that started while I was gone.

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Magnificent M said...

I greatly enjoyed the trader joes trip... the bus ride was a great way to see some of san diego and I really liked the hillcrest area. THe store itself was also great! I didn't realize you were QUITE that emotional about it though!!! :-) Glad to be a part of your reunion