Sunday, June 10, 2007


I. Just. Beat. D. At. Settlers. Of. Catan.

This is a momentous occasion. I think I've only played it a couple times before, and my husband is very very good at it. This will, I'm sure, NEVER happen again. So I'm revelling in it.

It was an EXTREMELY lengthly game, since we played with only the two of us. His parents bought him the "cities and nights of catan" and I got him the expansion for that version. I included in my present a promise to actually play it with him (I often opt out of it). So we tried it out tonight as a test run (it's meant for 3+ players).

It actually is a pretty fun game, though I may only be saying that because I won. Lol!


Magnificent M said...

I. Am. Not. Worthy!

You rock! How on earth do you play with just two people... I guess it would just take much, much longer.

You are SOOOO bringing the game and expansion packs to Osoyoos right????!!! We have got to get you guys together with my coffee loving, catan friends. Ummm, when are you coming over to the mainland so that the 6 of us can coquer the world of catan and you can all whip my heiny? Mi casa et su casa! I'll make tacos!!!! (snort, like you are ready to have more of those yet???)

T. said...

lol - it DID go on forever! Yes, definately bringing both game and expansion to Osoyoos..D. is so stoked ;-).

Tacos sounds excellent (I think i've had enough time off from them that I could handls some soon).

Magnificent M said...

Bueno. HarĂ© alguno. ¿Carnitas o pescados?

(Good. I will make some. Pork or Fish?)

We must make some margaritas too when you guys come up to Osoyoos! And sangria! Oohhhhh, the fun we will have!!! I wonder if we can find somehwere to go dancing!

are you still coming over in June for the consult and observations?

biss said...