Monday, October 30, 2006

This is hard.

There are so many great things about being here. We do really like the area we're in, the east coast, and the New England surroundings. It's beautiful. We've just had the pleasure of experiencing a New England fall. We've seen so many things that we hadn't before. This upcoming week we're hoping to go into Boston, and New York.

We miss our friends though. We miss having friends to fill with food laughter and wine.

We miss our Church communities so much I can't even begin to explain it. We had no idea blessed we were with them. I look at pictures on All Saints, and Saint Herman's websites and blogs, of those people we love gathered together, and I almost can't look because I miss them so much it's painful.

It's just hard. That's all.


Sarah said...

Aww, hon. I'm sending you one great big hug across the internet! <<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>
I know it's hard! One poet I've been reading talks a lot about the "bittersweet" of things. I imagine all changes have in them bittersweet emotions. Some days it may even be all bitter, no sweet.
That's when I like to ponder the wonderful-ness of chocolate fondue!
Still, the hard days are the ones where you call up your loved ones and you cry and laugh on the phone with them.
Crap! I'd call but it's 1 am where you are. I've GOT to get the hang of this time change...

coramie said...

I know.....I so is on this end too....sigh...

Magnificent M said...

It WILL get better. As your schedule improves, you'll be able to participate more at a new church. God led you there, He has a plan. Soon you'll start your masters and you won't have time for friends anyways so this way there will be no guilt... okay its a feeble attempt to cheer you up but hey

and yeah, Le Creusset is a beautiful thing.

Magdalen said...

Your communities miss you a tonne too, you have no idea. It just hurts my heart to think you're so far away. Remember this last Christmas, you were with us on Christmas Eve (or was it Christmas?) and I remember looking over at you and almost bursting into tears at the wonderful thought that we got to sing Christmas together.
I'll be thinking of you on Christmas. I'll be thinking of you every day, actually.

Anonymous said...

Ty! You are so missed on this coast, too! I enjoyed talking to you on the phone a couple of weeks ago - expect another call soon :)


biss said...

You're right.
It is hard.

I'm sorry you're sad. I'm sad too.