Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween

Halloween has been good. The kids I work with got all dressed up in costumes (most of them) and trick-or-treated at school today. They were very very cute, even if the whole event was a bit stressful for the teachers!

We haven't had any trick-or-treaters here tonight, but we made a wonderful feast. We have a bit of a halloween tradition of having a special dinner and watching movies. It started because the first halloween I spent on the island was sad because I was used to having big bonfires and fireworks and caramel apples when living at my parents! So, Daryl and I started doing a special thing to make up for it :-).

So tonights dinner was:

Peppered wine salami.
A small round of brie baked with a wonderful blueberry jam that my sister in law made.
Roquefort blue cheese (SO good!)
A German white soft cheese (also good),
multigrain rice crackers and bread.

Just little bits of all of the above. Of course, all from Trader Joes, so all for about what we'd pay to eat at McDonalds together!

We also just found out that two of our dearest friends are probably coming to visit us for a WHOLE week for my holidays!! I have 9 days off starting this coming Friday, and P and B are coming Friday.

I can't possibly explain how happy this makes me. They are those types of friends with whom we have an ease that makes spending time with them so relaxing and enjoyable. They are in Ottowa, so it's about a days' drive for them to come visit.

Good dinner and the promise of time with dear friends. I'm so happy :-). So, it's a happy halloween. Off to watch movies and eat some "left -over" chocolate.


coramie said...

I am so glad for you.....what time you will have!! Yaaaay!!!

Simply Victoria said...

what a yummie menu. that sounds sooo good. i'm so glad you get to visit p and b (peanut and butter? hehe). give them a big hug for me, eh?

biss said...

Ohmygoodness! We missed out halloween feast...I think you'll have to do that again next week!!!!

I am SO SO SO excited, too!

T. said...

I SO SO SO will do it again next week!!! No problem babe!! And Vic I'll hug them tons for you and for me :-).

Magdalen said...

Oh, and hugs for Peanut and Butter from me too! Boy they'll get lots of hugs... Maybe you can just give them each one REALLY BIG one for everyone. Sigh, oh sigh. How I wish I could come to Boston.
Have a great big wonderful time off!

Sarah said...

It sounds like you guys had a lovely evening. I'm so happy that P and B are coming for a visit (though a very big part of me wishes it were me).

Puzzle said...

Halloween has changed in our house too since all the kids left and no neighbour kids come over. I think they are scared of the big hedge. I like your idea of establishing a new tradition. This year we had some very old fireworks, 3 to be exact, which I wanted to get rid of so we lit them off and they made a very beautiful display of showering stars in our backyard for a few minutes. Then my dear hubby and I lit a fire, pushed the love seat up close, poured a glass of wine from our collection of the summer, and read a theological tome together. It was bliss.