Saturday, October 14, 2006

"That's your big boy"

I totally stole this stellar blog title from D.

Those of you who are Seinfeld fans...or fanatics, as some may judge you will have immediately, upon hearing that phrase, pictured Jerry sitting in a hospital, next to his comatose neighbor, looking admiringly at a Drake's Coffee cake. You'll remember that this phrase was part of his attempt to bribe Newman, using the Drake's coffee cake, in an attempt to keep him from telling the aforementioned comatose neighbor (CN) that Jerry had kissed CN's girlfriend right in front of him (in a romantic joining over the body of the comatose neighbor).

You may also picture Elaine ravenously shoving a Drake's coffee cake into her mouth, crumbly cinnamony topping flying every which way, after fasting for blood testing for two days. This of course occurred right as the CN woke up and attempted to strangle Jerry, with completely wonderful Seinfeldian pandemonium breaking out.

So, why all this talk about Drake's coffee cake?? You see, until two days ago, I had believed "The Drake" to be a made-for-TV invention. I have news from the East, fellow west-coast, Canadian Seinfeld fans - Drake's coffee cakes are a real, American, boxed pastry! As we wandered the grocery store the other day, we came upon them. In complete disbelief we turned the box over and over, looking at it from all angles. Eventually we had to believe - this was indeed THE Drake's coffee cake talked about on Seinfeld. And I have to say, after trying them, they are really pretty good.

Magnificent M - be aware, you may be receiving some Drake's in the mail for Christmas. I think you are the only person I know who would appreciate such a gesture enough (you know..the sending of cheap fatty bagged up pastries that are akin to twinkies via post).

Click here and select the "Concord trip" album to see the pictures of the Drake's coffee cakes. Blogger wouldn't let me post them :-(.


king d said...

You mean you title wasn't talking about me? Oh well.

Yes, those coffee cakes tasted quite good, really. And they *are* in packages of two like it showed on seinfeld.

"I have another, but I'm saving it for later" Jerry says as he lets go of the second one, still in it's package, and catches it again as it falls.

- Seinfeld, Episode 12, Season 3

Wow. That's sad.

Magnificent M said...


I found a recipe for Babka the other day and just about made it just so I could talk about Babka and how the chocolate babka is better than the cinnamon.

Who knew drake's coffee cake was real! sweet, sweet land of seifeldian moments. I anxiously await my cake...

T. said...

I would seriously make the Babka. I've never had Babka before..I wonder what it's like?

Magnificent M said...

LOL! I will make it sometime and let you know. Perhaps I should post the recipe if it is any good.

T. said...

Definately, DEFINATELY post the recipe!! I'm holding the Drakes hostage until I get a Babka recipe.

T. said...

Definately, DEFINATELY post the recipe!! I'm holding the Drakes hostage until I get a Babka recipe.