Monday, October 09, 2006

I can't believe I forgot!

To mention that we made our first visit to The Container Store. This is a store that I had read about in Real Simple, that is not as of yet in Canada. I have drooled and browsed online, and dreamed of one day going there. I realized very quickly that there was a Container store here in MA, and only about 45 min away from us. So, the other night we took a trip out there, just to browse. It was fabulous! It is the organizational mecca. I loved it!

Turns out, convieniently enough, it is located right next to Natick mall. This is one of the large, up scale malls here, very similar to the one I went to in Atlanta. Macy's, all the great shoe stores. That's a big difference here...all the brands you see in stores in Canada (or the West Coast at least) have their own stores here. So, that was pretty exciting...I'll have to head out another time and spend more time window shopping at the mall.

Anyhoo..I just felt so remiss in not blogging about visiting The Container Store!


Sarah said...

It sounds fabulous! I wish we had one here, too: I could do with some heavy duty organization! I also quite like Real Simple; my mom bought me an issue recently and it's pretty good. It also has lots of organization ideas. I hope you and Daryl are well.

Magnificent M said...

love the container store... but of course! Real Simple has a special edition out right now - Food. It is good. I have added it to my collection. i must admit though, I am a bit swayed towards Martha lately.

miss you!

Magdalen said...

wow, sounds like heaven! You know, if heaven had lots of containers.
Miss you both!

Magnificent M said...

I can't believe you forgot to post again.... needing an update here baby!

ummm btw, today at my ballet bootcamp class we were doing some hideous, heavy cardio and the music, ahhh sweet mj remixes. I thought of you